Freevia is born, a new platform for loaders and transporters

The freight exchange sector is being revolutionised. Only a few days ago the Factocargo, platform was born, and now it’s Freevia turn.

Freevia, which is designed for loaders and transporters, is defined as “the first” platform which makes it possible to interact without an intermediary. Those platform controllers highlight its main characteristic as the «only effective tool on the market that enables transport to be located or «on demand loads » to be announced”, a change which, in their opinion, «favours the direct negotiation of rates between the loader and the transporter ».


Freevia certifies the safety of its operations with prior document controls through a qualified professional office, before giving users access to the platform.

At the same time, those responsible for the platform point out that «to ensure the proper functioning of the platform, in the event of continued faults and/or breakdowns of the platform, Freevia is committed to the full refund of the fee charged during the time period to all affected users, as long as it is deemed to be Freevia’s fault.»


The cost savings for the loader are around 6% and a revenue increase of another 6% for the transporter. As pointed out by Freevia Solution Manager, Jorge Vazquez, «Freevia contributes to reducing this intermediation, which on occasions, can reach 15% ».

To this statement, Vazquez adds «we are launching a tool onto the market that is governed by the principles of transparency, safety, autonomy and profitability for its users, since it acts as a road transport thermometer by showing the true prices and capacities which exist in the market in real time”.